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Google Voice

This Google Voice provides free Virtual phone number. They have two types. One is Personal use and the other is Business use. Personal use can be used for free. Starting from minimum 6$ monthly amount for Business use. This Google voice virtual phone number can be used on all devices. All countries can make online calls using this. This number can be used on all websites. Because it won’t be a VOIP number.


This TextNow service provides unlimited numbers. But if you do not use those numbers, they will automatically expire. If those free numbers do not expire, you have to pay a minimum of 8$ per month. This TextNow service works on all devices. You can use this to make online calls only in the USA country. All the free numbers are VOIP.

TextNow company now offers wireless service. This wireless service includes an activation kit SIM card. This Wireless activation kit can be ordered online for $0.99.


You can easily make online calls to mobile & landline phones on this website. All the numbers in it are VOIP numbers only. You can use Apps or Extension plugins to use it. You can call all phones in the world using the Internet.


Telos virtual numbers work just like a real Walkie Talkie. It has many features like live video call, mobile fax, conference call and international sms. This app can be used on iOS and Android phones only. Apart from that, call recording can be done in it. Unlimited free text messages with typing indicator are also available. Telosapp provides virtual numbers for USA, UK, Canada and more.

Text Free

This Text Free is only available on App Store and Google Play. No online website facilities can be used only in apps. In this you will get unique phone numbers. It has facilities like Unlimited Free Texting, Calling & Voicemail.


This 2ndLine app is similar to Textnow. In this 2ndLine only Virtual phone numbers are available for two countries namely USA and Canada. This app can be used only on Android phones. If you do not use the available free numbers, they will automatically expire. If those free numbers do not expire, you have to pay a minimum of 8$ per month.


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