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Budget 2024 | Best 10 Stocks in Focus

Hey guys! I welcome you all to a very informative article. We are going to see about stocks that are in focus because of the 2024 budget. So we are going to understand certain stocks that could have some connection with the budget announcements.

So first we are going to understand renewables. So if you see here in the budget it was very clearly mentioned that this is one of the strategies. where sustainable development was given absolute importance. Now we have to understand what certain stocks which are in the renewable space, now here there could be two points. Point number one we talk about companies that are into the manufacturer of solar panels or manufacture of windmills or what or second category could be the ones who are financing the renewables theme and for that, I believe. I have talked about these stocks quite a bit in my article the first one is REC, the second one is PFC and the third one is IREDA.

Now if I were to understand a fair comparison between these three REC, PFC, and IREDA, first of all, understand that uh if I talk about first stock PE REC is available at 10 ka PFC at 8 and IREDA at 60 that’s a huge one right. If I talk about ROCE uh 9.14, 9.08 and 8.17 so REC is the best for uh ROCE, for ROE PFC and REC are the same IREDA is a bit lower uh of course if I’m talking about one or two more important points which are about sales growth REC sales growth 16% PFC at 9.46 and IREDA at 21.8 and even if I’m talking about three-year sales growth IREDA is better as compared to these two profit growth again IREDA is a shade better as compared to these two but all in all if you talk about how big the company is for that if I take you to the market cap REC, PFC are way bigger as compared to IREDA.

Now let’s go on to the next one is Tourism. I can think about three companies, three hotels, one is ITDC, one is EIH and the third one I can think of is Indian hotels. Okay, first ITDC is a government of India undertaking, if I’m talking about EIH. EIH is a flagship company of Oberoi Group which all key Brands come up under it could be Oberoi Trident and Maidens, all these are the brands under EIH Limited and if I’m talking about Indian hotels of course it’s Tata group company and main Brands under this one could be Taj Vivanta Ginger okay. Now with this basic understanding yes all these are hotels and can be easily linked with the tourism aspect of yesterday’s budget.

Let’s move to defense. I hope you read in yesterday’s budget where it was very clearly mentioned that a new scheme will be launched for strengthening deep tech technology for defense purposes. we are talking about defense we are talking about Atmanirbhar Bharat, of course, I can think about one company from the defense sector which is HAL, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, of course, there’s also one more good company which is BEL, you can also check that out.

so let’s move on with HAL if you just quickly read out here HAL Hindustan Aeronautics is engaged in the business of manufacturing uh aircraft and helicopters and repair maintenance of aircraft and helicopters so if you see here very clearly given what they manufacture what aircraft and helicopters and also repair and maintenance again of what aircraft and helicopters. Now if I want to understand the profitability of this company, of course, sales OPM profitability everything you can see here is sales at an all-time high at TTM, if I’m talking about operating profit pretty good at 6,636 crores, Understand the OPM is almost highest 25% was highest but right now TTM at 24%, PBT at an all-time high of 6805 crores.

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