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Adani Group Scam & Maruti Recall | Weekly News #1

Hello readers, today we can know the business and economic news that happened in the last week. In this you can find news and scams in finance and economy. There are lots of interesting news for you to check out one by one.

Adani Group’s Biggest Scam:
The first news is Adani Group’s biggest financial scam. Adani financial scam is said to have made not only India but the world look back. The company that exposed this Scam is HINDENBURG, an American research company. This company will analyze the financial status of many companies and report it. You can find out what they have said in this report. Adani Group’s company has created many artificial companies in the name of Shell companies and they are buying shares. Their 38 shell companies have also exchanged shares among themselves. Due to this, artificial demand has been created in the Adani group. To know more about this visit the Hidenburg website.

Business Today has been awarding Best Banks for 27 years. At this stage, the awards for 2023 have announced the best banks. Business Today has 37 important factors to consider when choosing a bank as the best bank. ICICI Bank and TAAB (Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank) have received the awards.

Car Manufacturing:
Generally, if there is any defect during the manufacturing of the vehicles, after the sale of the vehicles, they will recall from the car company. Recall is when the defect occurred during manufacturing is repaired and re-supplied to the customers. Maruti is the first company to initiate a recall in 2023. So far 1700 cars have been recalled. Next Toyota has also recalled 1400 cars.

TATA Company:
Tanishq is a sub brand of TATA company. Tanishq Company is completely in Jewelery Business. They have 400 branches all over India. Through this they are the number one seller of jewelery in India. Last week, Tanishq opened a new jewelry store in America under the name of little India. They are planning to open 20 to 40 Little India jewelry stores in North America. Due to this, TATA company is thinking of bringing Tanishq as a global brand.

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