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Wedding Insurance and its Importance!

The wedding season starts and November About 35 lakh people in India from till February Weddings are fixed and there is a lot of expenditure on marriage too. happens but sometimes unfortunately marriage gets canceled or postponed which may cause damage. I am talking about wedding Venue for insurance wedding Booking Decoration Catering Photography All this You have to book in advance for this Deposit has to be paid also for jewellery.

Spend clothes a lot this way There are expenses i.e. a wedding, some Can range from lakh rupees to crores and If unfortunately the wedding gets canceled So the wedding compensates for the loss. More weddings can happen with insurance coverage Not only wedding cancellations difference Rather damage your property public Liability or personal accident like this The risks are also covered however if the marriage is canceled of one’s own free will That risk in that case is insurance.

The policy will not cover if Death of the bride or groom or their close relatives Death of relatives occurs due to marriage First reason why marriage cannot take place Or some kind of illness occurs In the family due to which the marriage is postponed Karni can stand or Venu is on fire An accident like Earthquake A is lost or stolen from it This General insurance can compensate financial loss can be done through insurance cover. In the wedding insurance policy Card Printing Venue Booking Hotel Booking Catering Decoration Photography Travel Expenses Travel Booking Like Expenses are covered now you are thinking What will happen if the marriage is canceled of one’s own will?

If it happens then it is not covered in this policy But if someone in the family If he is ill then his marriage is canceled because of this. If there is an all-risk insurance policy If marriage can be covered then why not If it is canceled even at will then this reason saying someone in the family is sick should be taken clean but it is not possible Because while taking the insurance policy first Relatives i.e. family members Will have to tell the names of those who are close members Due to which the marriage can be canceled In case he falls ill, his name will be written in advance. The insurance company will know before taking the claim. Time submit all reports to you also Will have to do something that can prove that he Family members who are seriously ill Due to this reason the marriage had to be canceled or A relative died even after doing this Accident year due to which marriage is canceled Had to do it, now it’s time to cancel the marriage.

The insurance company will have to pay for the wedding. Many in the insurance policy will be exclusions and these exclusions You will defer internally but in general If the marriage is canceled of one’s own free will Or the bride or groom gets kidnapped Old health of close relatives Is it history or legal dispute or Then marriage canceled due to lack of funds If these are common then all these risk weddings happen. Not covered by insurance policy ICICI Lombard HDFC Ego Future Generali Bajaj Alliance This is such insurance There are examples of the company which is wedding Insurance policy proves that you can now Would like to know about wedding insurance What is the premium of the policy?

Because there is short-term cover during marriage If the risk is covered under this then The premium of the policy is from 0.5% It may be around 2% i.e. if the wedding expenses are Rs 25 lakh then the policy Premium ranges from Rs 12.5 thousand to Rs 50000 Can be up to Rs. and in this policy you What do you want to cover and What is the insurance company covering?

The premium will be more or less accordingly. It may be possible that lakhs of crores are spent on the wedding. Rupees are spent only a few thousand A wedding insurance by spending Rs. A policy can be taken that will ensure peace of mind I hope this information remains What I shared with you today You would have liked the article, commented, and shared it.

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