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What is Flexi Cap Fund & Investment Ideas

When thinking of investing and making money, the stock market is what appears in everyone’s mind. Investing in the share market offers higher returns but also comes with risks of equal magnitude. Equity mutual funds are the only option in the share market for those who want higher returns. Now they have launched a new NFO (New Fund Offer) in the market. Which company has introduced it and its benefits can be found in this blog post.

Flexi Cap Fund

Flexi Cap Fund is part of Equity Mutual Fund. Equity Fund is a fund manager who invests in small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap companies in the share market and earns returns. Large Cap is a ULIP, not a mutual fund. Large Cap is a standard company, these companies don’t get much returns and only medium returns. In these Large Cap companies, the risk is less and at the same time, the return is also less.

Fund Manager will divide the amount you invest in Flexi Cap Fund into small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap companies and get the return on investment. In Small Cap investment risk is higher but the return is higher for the same amount. Because more than 2050 start-up companies will have newly entered the industry in this Small Cap system. The share market volatility in this small-cap investment is very high.

This Flexi Cap Fund investment method is ideal for those who want to get a return on their investment without any risk. Before you invest in this Flexi Cap Fund take proper advice and invest accordingly. ULIPs have two facilities as far as Investment and Insurance are concerned. Depending on the amount you invest in ULIP, you will get insurance as per the amount you invest.

TATA AIA NFO – Flex Growth Fund

  • Tata is one of the most trusted companies in the world. The Unit Price of this TATA AIA NFO(NAV) Company is Rs.10.
  • They have given time till December 31, 2023, to invest in this. If bought after that, the unit price is likely to change from Rs 10 to the market rate accordingly.
  • In this NFO method, you get the benefits of all investments like Small Cap, Mid Cap, and Large Cap. Diversify the amount you invest so that you get higher returns.
  • By investing in this NFO the risk is much less (Risk-Free) when compared to other investments.
  • AUM (Asset Under Management) stands at 81,601.11 Crores as of 31 August 2023. Customer satisfaction is high because of such a high amount.
  • In this NFO system, the life coverage is 120 times the Monthly Premium. Since it is a ULIP scheme, you will get a higher monthly premium because of the insurance. They provide opportunities to you who are NRI customers. For example, if you pay 18,000 per month you have chances of getting returns up to 3 crores.

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