Best cryptocurrency to invest in this year

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Let’s see what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in this year. I have chosen the safest cryptocurrency out there. Thus, all the crypto currency we invest in will be very safe. Once the bull market starts you will get good returns. Let’s see what cryptocurrency it is one by one. It is helpful for those who invest in Cryptocurrency. These ten coins that we are going to look at definitely have good returns for you. “If you are thinking of investing in these Coins, know its full information and then make a decision and invest”.


First on our list is Bitcoin. This bitcoin cryptocurrency is the first block chain network created. This is the only coin that is the most secure in the existing Cryptocurrency. Many Cryptocurrency coins depend on it. Bitcoin’s ups and downs depend on other coins’ fluctuations. If the price of Bitcoin goes down, the price of other coins will also go down. If you are new to Cryptocurrency then buying bitcoin will definitely help you learn.


Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency network. It is the only coin with Smart Contract capability. Ethereum is now moving from proof of work to state concept. Due to this reason, the Power Consumption of the Ethereum Cryptocurrency network is very reduced. Similarly, many updates are coming in Ethereum. With this kind of updates, more than 1 million transactions can be done on Ethereum. This makes the Ethereum Network more likely to be used by many companies.

BNP Coin:

  This BNP Coin is the own coin of Binance exchange. Binance is the only network with high trading volume. This Binance BNP Coin has a large Ecosystem. This BNP Coin also has a smart contract. Apart from that there are many Dapps running in it. Not only is the transaction fast, its transaction fees are very low. In this more coin burning is happening so the demand for BNP Coin is increasing. New coins launched on binance can be bought low and sold high using BNP.


The ticker of this coin is called matic. Current positon of this coin is at 10th place. This also has smart contract facility. This polygon coin is called the side chain of Ethereum. This coin was brought as an alternative to ethereum. The development of this Polygon coin is increasing. A lot of NFT projects are running in this. Definitely in a bull market, Polygon price has more chances to rise.


Ticker of this coin is called Link. Cryptocurrency current position of this coin is 22nd. Its total supply is 1 billion tokens. This coin runs on oracle platform network. So it can be used easily with the normal app. When this type of technology is used more, there are more chances of increasing the coin value and becoming a pump in the bull market.


If you are into cryptocurrency you definitely know about this coin. This coin was first launched as a meme token. But now they are using it for payment in many places. Dogecoin is one of Elon mask’s favorite coins. It has been used for payment in Tesla so far. This coin is believed to be Twitter’s payment. Thus, if it is used for payment, its price is more likely to increase. As far as this Dogecoin is concerned, it can be said as a gambling. So if you want to invest in this, do it in a small amount.


Ticker of this coin is called CRO. Its current price is 0.0585$. The cryptocurrency current position of this coin is 30th. Its total supply is 30 billion tokens. This Cronos coin belongs to a major exchange platform called Cronos coin has its own blockchain. Apart from that, it has a lot of NFT and Dapps running on it. has some own visa card. When users use these cards more, the chances of price pumping are high.

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