Best Investment Ideas for Higher Returns

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Imagine you have 10 lakhs. If you keep it safely in your home for ten years. If you look at it ten years later, 10 lakhs will remain the same. Apart from that, the value of that money will decrease. That is called Inflation. If you keep your money as it is, that money will stay the same number wise but its value will decrease. This is why many invest in many ways. Let’s know some of the best investment ideas that have lower risk. Disclaimer. All the information provided is to our knowledge and for educational purpose only. This is not financial advice in any way. Think twice before you invest your money.

Fixed Deposit:

This Fixed Deposit method is an investment idea that is widely used in many countries. Why this method is popular is that it is a very reliable deposit. Banks will tell you this much as fixed interest. Today interest is 5.25 to 5.5 percentage. In this way you can get interest monthly or yearly as per your choice. One of the biggest advantages is that it is a low risk investment. You can take the amount invested in Fixed Deposit if you want.

Recurring Deposit:

This Recurring Deposit is similar to the Fixed Deposit method. When you make a monthly Recurring Deposit, you will get your total amount and interest after the maturity date. There is no high risk in this Recurring Deposit method. Recurring Deposit method is suitable for people who do not take risk. Remember that where there is low risk, there are only low returns. In Recurring Deposit, like Fixed Deposit, you can take the same amount invested if you need it.

PPF (Public Provident Fund):

PPF is the safest method for those who want low risk and high returns. This method is available in all banks. Only one PPF account can be opened per person. But this cannot be invested for 1 or 2 years. Investment can be done for at least 10 to 15 years. If necessary, you can extend your account from the year of maturity date. Its returns are more than you expect. PPF calculator facilities are available online to know the exact returns of PPF investment. There is a tax exception in this Public Provident Fund investment method.


Bonds are a form of investment through debt securities. Sometimes the Government issues bonds to some of the companies under them. This is also a reliable investment method. Because it comes under goverment can be trusted. Only fixed interest is available in this method. You can get interest monthly or yearly in this Bonds investment.

Gold Investment:

  This gold investment method is sure to be the best for everyone. There is no need for you to buy gold in physical format as the fees and losses are high. Now the facility of buying in virtual method has come online. You can use online method only if you are going to invest in Gold. Apart from that, those who want to wear gold can buy it in physical format. Although Gold is the best investment method, do not invest the entire amount.

Real Estate:

Not everyone can invest properly in Real Estate Business. Because it requires more investment. If you are able to buy, depending on the location and size, the amount will increase if you buy the place. This is where you can spend more money and earn more. But where do we buy that land? Current value of land? Everything depends on etc. Do not do without clear advice while investing in this. Because the more profit there is, the more likely it is to lose.

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