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How to Make Big Money: Shifting Mindsets from Wanting to Giving

Are you interested in making some money, not just some money, big money? You have everything you want, a question. A stupid question, you know. Everybody is running behind in money, everybody wants money. Yes, that is true, everybody wants money, but how many people make it? In my experience, very few people make money, and most people are searching; they are not able to find an answer on how to make money.

What are the possibilities of making money? What are the opportunities available to make money? Some people even go to the extent of saying that, for the last year, I have been searching to find out how I can make money online without doing any work. That is very important: without doing any work, how I can make money?

And for the last year, this gentleman has been searching, you know, he has been spending all the time searching about how to make money, doing nothing. So, I believe that a lot of people have been searching and thinking and contemplating, and some people think that, no, I am not lucky enough to make money. So, some people find out their excuses and some people go and attend some training programs, you know, the law of attraction, how to attract money into your life. Even to the extent that interestingly, you know, in the TV shows, I have seen some people selling some products saying that money attraction machine, you know, you can attract money by wearing this stuff, you know, you can attract money. All these are all, I would rather say that nonsense.

These are all giving you some kind of hope and a feel-good fact of that sort. In reality, it doesn’t work. Now, the question is then how do people make money? Is it hard work? I think hard work, yes, of course hard work is required, but all the people who are doing hard work, are they making money? I don’t think so. Very few people who work hard, also make money. So, what is the secret behind making money? How can I bring money? How can I attract money to me? The good and the bad news is you cannot pull money to you. The money has to come to you. You cannot bring money to you. The money has to flow to you.

How will the money flow to you? Money will flow to you when you are ready to contribute or give something back to society, something to the people. When you find a product or a service or an idea, that can resolve a problem, which can remove a pain in society, which can provide a solution for a problem, that’s the time the money will start flowing to you. So, you have to change the question of how I can make money to what I can contribute so that money will come to me.

Recently, I have seen in the story of a startup, three or four youngsters who did a startup and this venture is making robots. Do you know what the robots do? They do the manhole cleaning. And do you know how they got this idea? They found the manholes, generally, the manholes are being cleaned. People get into the manhole and they get themselves dirty and they clean the manhole. It’s very dirty, it’s a very unhealthy method of cleaning the manholes. That’s where they found out a pain. They found that there is a pain that these people are going through. The people who are in this cleaning business, are going through and they found a solution to a robot.

And now I’m sure that these youngsters are going to make a lot of money because they found a solution to a critical issue, a critical pain. Now, you know, you may be thinking that what kind of pain, what kind of a need, what kind of a problem, I can find out. Go around, search around. In India, there is no scarcity of problems. In India, there is no scarcity of pain points. There are lots to be fixed. There are lots of things that are broken in this country. There are lots to be fixed. If you go around, if you watch, if you can look around, you can see that there are pain points.

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