Investment Ideas and Tips for Beginners

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Many people want to invest and earn more money but do not know where to invest and how to invest. Everyone’s question arises when they will get returns if they invest now. The return is as high as the amount you invest. But when you think of investing for the first time, you may not have much money. In this blogpost, you can learn about the best investments for those who want to invest for the first time.

It is everyone’s dream to invest. But most people are saving rather than investing. Investing and getting more returns than you save will increase your quality of life. For those who cannot afford to invest heavily, there are some alternative methods like NFO. A few companies will launch specific investments like NFO (New Fund Offer). These NFO investment companies can be bought in the stock market at meager prices for a few days.

What is Flexi Cap Fund & Investment Ideas

When it comes to investment, they invest in three ways Largecap Stocks, Midcap Stocks, and Smallcap Stocks. Largecap Stocks contain large companies so the risk factor is very low. However since Smallcap Stocks are new companies, the risk factor is high. Some people combine all these three methods and invest together and get more profit. There is also a facility called Equity to invest together in all three modes like Largecap Stocks, Midcap Stocks, and Smallcap Stocks. Investing in this equity method is not a normal mutual fund, it is called ULIP (Unit linked Insurance Plan). ULIPs are an investment method that combines investment and insurance.

Learn more about TATA AIA NFO Investments launched today in ULIP mode. TATA is one of the largest car manufacturing companies in the world and hence the trust in this company is high. TATA AIA NFO (Flexi Growth Fund) has time to buy stocks till December 31, 2023. The stock price of this NFO fund is just ten rupees so you can buy more stock units. The investment of this TATA AIA NFO company is in ULIPs so the Risk Factor is very low. AUM (Asset Under Management) is 81,601 crores as far as this company is concerned, so the risk factor for you is very low.