Physical Gold vs Digital Gold: The Best Methods for Successful Gold Investments

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All of us have a strong attraction towards gold. Gold is one of the most used items by everyone from childhood to marriage. Many people consider it important to buy gold during festivals like Diwali and Pongal in India. However, many see gold as an investment rather than gold in this era. Gold has always played an important role in people’s lives due to these types of needs. There are two ways to buy gold one is physical gold and the other is digital gold. In this blog post, we will discuss whether it is better to buy gold digitally or physically.

Physical Gold:

Physical Gold is well-known and one of the ways to buy gold is by touching it with our hands. Physical Gold Methods Gold can be purchased in the form of gold chains, gold coins, and gold bars. When you buy gold it includes GST, duty, damage, etc. 10 to 12% loss in commission and damages for gold jewellery.

If you sell your gold jewelry after three years of purchase, you can only sell your jewelry on an inflation-adjusted basis. Inflationary adjustment means that profits are adjusted to meet price increases.

Digital Gold:

As far as digital gold is concerned, it can be bought in three ways: Gold Savings Mutual Fund, Gold Exchange Traded Bonds, and Sovereign Gold Bonds. You can invest in these mutual fund companies both Gold Savings Mutual Fund and Gold Exchange Traded Funds. You can invest in SIP schemes by making monthly payments.

Sovereign Gold Bonds have already been covered many times on this website. Sovereign Gold Bonds are released by the government only twice a year. Sovereign Gold Bonds are the safest when comparing the other two methods. These Sovereign Gold Bonds are managed by the government and hence the tax benefits are high. Digital Gold can be purchased only using these three methods.

DetailsPhysical GoldDigital Gold
Making, Wastage and GSTYesNo
QualityNo24 Carot gold
Security ProblemsYesNo
Money ConversionEasy to Money ConversionSavings Fund, ETFs
Mortgage LoanEasy to get loan Savings Fund,  Sovereign Bonds
Lock in PeriodNoOnly for Sovereign Bonds